A Step In The Right Direction

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SoleFamily is a charity impacting lives in Bali by ensuring access to patient-centred health services for individuals facing physical and mental health challenges. They fund regular medical assessments and treatments and provide enhanced nutrition through specialist milk and essential food parcels, supplying monthly staples required to address nutritional deficiencies and promote better health outcomes. SoleFamily also operates a 10 bed care & recovery centre in Kuta, serving as a sanctuary for SoleBuddies and their families during the waiting and recovery periods following surgery or treatment.

With over 800 families under our care, our Outreach team is stretched as they travel all over Bali. To allow even more people to receive the necessary medical and health care they need, we are starting to raise funds to build our first Outreach Centre. This will make it easier for SoleFamilies to get the necessary support, health care and nutritious food they need.

Join us for a night of music, delicious food, great wine, bars, shopping and so much more – all in the name of fundraising for SoleFamily Bali!

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