Bali Desa Swing

Prices starts from Rp480.000 and goes to Rp560.000

Surround yourself in lush green foliage as you fly into the open sky above the trees. Absorb the infinite view from the top of the winding Ayung river valley. Desa Swing Bali will exhilarate your senses as you take in the magnificent view and feel the cool atmosphere on your skin.

Whether you’re seeking an adrenaline-filled experience or a gentle relaxing escape, Desa swing Bali has the activity for you. Take Instagram-worthy pictures on our main swing, sleeping nests or viewpoint balcony. Try out our four different swings, ranging from our single 30 metre swing to our 15 metre two seater bench swing.

There is no doubt that Desa Swing Bal is FUN and a MUST try. Create your own memorable and unique experience with Desa Swing during your trip in Bali.

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Swing & Bird Nest

  • Unlimited Swing, Bird Nest, Soft Drink, Tea Time: Rp480.000
  • Unlimited Swing, Bird Nest, Soft Drink, Lunch: Rp560.000
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