Bali New Years Resolutions

Someone asked me to write about Bali New Years resolutions and I thought ‘sure, that will fun’. And I’ve been sitting looking at blank page for an hour. Why are resolutions so hard to write about? Make? Or even stick to? I can’t help wonder if there was a pointed message in her request to write about NY resolutions so as to actually stick to a resolution myself! Resolutions that are time specific often fail, particularly if made just after midnight at a New Years celebration after a cocktail or ten. And traditionally this IS when I make all my resolutions!

The biggest resolution I have ever made was to move to Bali, I decided to make the move years ago but moving to another country, even one so close to Australia and as familiar as my own backyard, takes planning and research. I think I made the resolution and actually fulfilled it 3 years after.

But after 18 months of living in Bali, there are some resolutions I need to make. Resolutions that will get me back on track as to why I came here in the first place. A few of my friends have resolved to not drink alcohol anymore. But mango daiquiris are a lovely part of Bali life that should be enjoyed! Mind you, these friends also made these “I’m never drinking again” resolutions at about 9am today, New Years Day, once the headaches had kicked in so…..

new years 2

Putting resolutions in print is serious – now I have no excuses not to stick to them! Here goes:

  • I’m going to see 5 places in Bali that I haven’t been to. North Bali is coming up – anyone got other suggestions for places they want me to write about?
  • I’m going to travel to 1 country I haven’t been to yet. Thinking either Malaysia or Sri Lanka?
  • I am going to learn Bahasa Indonesia. I listen to conversations and understand what’s being said, then I go to reply, realise I have no words and internally berate myself for still not knowing nearly enough of my new homes language.
  • I’m going to find the perfect Nasi Campur. This will not be a hard resolution to research!
  • I’m going to study Hinduism. I may not practice the religion but part of living in another country for me, is to absorb how the people live and in Bali, Hinduism is a massive part of the culture, if not the basis for the entire culture.
  • And finally being that I love mango daiquiris and one of my resolutions is to find the best Nasi Campur, I’m also going to stick with my ‘get fit in Bali’ regime. I have a friend here who is inspiring, insanely fit and won’t let me chicken out… so we train together and I tell myself it balances out all the delicious food and cocktails. I’m trying to convince her to do a guest blog about health and fitness in Bali and just in general. It’s a work in progress!

2015 was a year full of adventure, inspiring people and places. Here are some of my personal faves from this year. Happy New Year and may 2016 see all your resolutions and dreams fulfilled!

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