Movies Under the Stars

My friends will tell you I’m not very good to watch a movie with. I’ll either ‘talk to’ the actors and give them advice on what to do; leave the room continually to do stuff; or fall asleep. That in itself is evidence in my opinion as to just how good Movies Under the Stars is. Let me set the scene and I’m sure you’ll understand why. Disclaimer time: Movies Under the Stars is held at Hai Bar & Grill, where The American works. But I promise to write an unbiased opinion about Movies Under the Stars. And that’s easy – a great movie and great food set under the stars and palm trees with the sound of waves crashing in the background. I mean that just sounds terrible right?!


Over the last six months I’ve watched some of my favourite movies at Movies Under the Stars. The Princess Bride with good friends and their kids; The Goonies; and just the other night I watched Star Wars. I even ordered Hawaiian pizza for the Star Wars night, it just seemed appropriate and took me straight back to being a kid at the drive-ins with Mum and Dad watching the movie when it first came out. I had wine too – obviously that bit is different from when I was a kid.


I think movies are created to whisk you away to another time and place (or should that be a galaxy, far, far away?). So when the setting of the ‘cinema’ happens to be open-air, basically on the beach, with the comforts of deck chairs, tables, candles…and you can order from the menu…and the lovely staff bring your selection to you so you don’t even have to leave this amazing setting…that’s better than any Gold Class movie theatre I’ve ever been too. To me, movies and pizza go hand in hand. But if you aren’t a pizza fan (?!?!) there is plenty to tempt you from the menu.

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Lembongan is a beautiful island and you could spend all day just exploring the stunning beaches or walks around the seaweed farms or the mysterious under-ground house or venture to Ceningan or…you get my point. Lots to do. Like many visitors you could dive the natural reefs that form the surf breaks you see; you could hire bikes and ride around to all the great bars and resorts that sit on cliff tops or the beach; you could take in a yoga class; or just relax by the pool. But whatever you do, don’t miss a Movies Under the Stars night with the delicious food and drinks at Hai Bar & Grill. Regardless of whether you’ve had an action packed day or just relaxed with a massage and a book by the pool, it’s the perfect way to finish your day on this island paradise.

Hai Bar & Grill change their movies all the time so jump on their Facebook page, ‘like’ the page and that way you’ll know what’s playing when you visit Lembongan. Don’t be alarmed if you see someone taking photos at Movies Under the Stars before the movie starts – that will be me and I’m still trying to get the perfect shot of palm trees and stars above the movie screen. Also don’t be alarmed if you see a handsome chap stealing a piece of my Hawaiian pizza as he walks by – that’s The American. Say hi to him and tell him The Travellist sent you!

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(PS the feature pic for this blog is the sunset view from Hai Bar & Grill, taken by The American himself).

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