The Glass House

From the moment I walked into The Glass House in Sanur I knew I would be back…a lot. Feeling very virtuous because I walked from my house to The Glass House, I ordered the fresh young coconut water, part of the new range of healthy drinks. And it was delicious. And then I saw it – lemon meringue pie. Tall, fluffy and promising sweet but tart lemony goodness. Easily the best lemon meringue pie I’ve had in Bali. And just to make sure it was really as good as I thought the first time, I’ve had the pie several times since – but it’s just fruit and egg whites right?!


Seriously though, The Glass House has something for everyone, whether you want a delicious and healthy salad like Crying Tiger or Beef Rujak or if you feel like spoiling yourself and indulging in Maggies Warm Apple Pie or crepes with caramelised banana, cinnamon and ice-cream.

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I’ve always been a brekkie girl. I love a long lazy breakfast with good coffee, reading a newspaper and just relaxing. I also feel very indulged having someone cook me a massive breakfast – to me, that just screams holiday! I think my love of a lazy day starting with a big breakfast was established because of my now very boring corporate job, in which I thought I was saving the world – I wasn’t by the way, no where near it actually. But if you have a job like that, or feel you do, you’ll understand that I worked constantly, and only took Sunday morning off ( although I was still attached to my Blackberry answering emails like a mad woman). I’m still attached to my iPhone at breakfast, but these days it’s only to be one of ‘those people’ who takes photos of her food.

The Glass House have a great breakfast selection including the 150,000 IDR breakfast package where you can choose the elements of your breakfast or you can order a la carte. My last breakfast there I had three of the imported Lazumba coffees – great taste and I got an awful lot done that day!

I recently went to a function at The Glass House where the chef prepared little tastes of the menu for everyone. I was positioned near the kitchen, a convenient and cleverly planned move, and tried a bit of everything. I promise you, the only ‘complaint’ you’ll have at The Glass House – not knowing which amazing dish to choose and having complete food lust over everything that comes to your table.

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The menu also has a great selection of local and imported wines. But make sure you start your dinner, or lunch, with one of their famous cocktails. Even better, get some friends together and go for happy hour, daily between 4pm and 7pm (so more like very happy hours) and try a few different cocktails. Being a coffee fan addict, I’d start with an espresso martini to kick things off the right way. Or…would I have the affogato, frangelico poured over ice-cream with a shot of coffee? Or…would I have the new Hell Yeah! – vodka, gin, rum, triple sec, green tea, lime and coke?

I can see a few nights at The Glass House coming up. Anyone want to join me?

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