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A little while ago, I was asked for advice on the best places to breakfast with kids. Then someone asked about the best places for a really different breakfast, and then I was asked about breakfast with a view. So after a few weeks of calorific and exhaustive research, I’ve come up with a list of my picks for breakfast in Sanur…and a few just outside of Sanur.

If you are a regular to The Travellist, you know I’m usually up very…very…very early. I have dogs for alarm clocks that insist on being at the beach first thing in the morning. So breakfast has become important, by the time 7am rolls along, I’m starving and looking for great coffee and a brilliant breakfast. I’ve put together a list of places for breakfast in Sanur, and some slightly out of Sanur, to help with your breakfast cravings and extra info that helps in making all important breakfast choices when on holidays in Sanur. To make it easy, this is kind of list format, because I happen to adore a good list ….and with images to make you hungry!

In absolutely no particular order:

Dapur Deli: tasty strong coffee which makes a Monday seem do-able; located just over the bypass side of Sanur, it’s a gorgeous new warung with a friendly atmosphere and peaceful decor; fresh food, healthy or decadent choices and great prices.

bf sanur 2

Stiff Chilli: located on the beach of Sanur, this is great for families so that once breakfast is over, kids can play down the beach while Mum and Dad enjoy another coffee (in peace – I didn’t say that!)

bf sanur 3

Mahagiri Villas Sanur: the villas have an amazing restaurant set in lush gardens with ponds on either side; the Chef might be a genius, his creations are amazing! Breakfast is a la carte but with a daily special and you can have freshly brewed coffee or Bali coffee in a huge plunger pot.

bf sanur 4

Grocer & Grind: this place has been a fave for so many reasons, including my go-to drink called Bees Knees, and their breakfasts are sensational as well; creative, fresh, tastes from all over the world, and definitely a breakfast to include on your holiday list. Grocer & Grind.

bf sanur 5

Graze: relatively new to Sanur, Graze is a part of the Maya Resort, and located centrally on Jalan Danau Tamblingan. It’s a really clever menu with breakfasts from all different kinds of nationalities. I went for the Mexican breakfast – amazing flavours!

bf sanur 6

White House: another new-ish restaurant to the Tamblingan set, this place is a MUST. I’ve been back twice since for breakfast again and for lunch. Fresh, tasty ingredients, creative takes on old favourites and new dishes I’ve not tried before. The Asian omelette for breakfast was a winner!

bf sanur 7

Cafe Smorgas: Coffee! Good strong coffee at a great price. That’s all I need. Although while I was having coffee, a friend was having breakfast and she raved about it. I stole a photo but wished I stole her breakfast!

bf sanur 8

The Owl: big fan of this place. Funky industrial design but with gorgeous plates, tin mugs, cool light fittings and retro signs. Great service and huge delicious breakfasts. Great value for money!

bf sanur 9

The Glass House: I love the lemon meringue pie here which I guess technically isn’t breakfast but…if you have a breakfast sweet tooth there are delicious pancakes/crepes. And lots of other options for people wanting great hearty breakfasts at a very good price. You really should try the mango frosty – for breakfast or any other time! The Glass House.

bf sanur 10

Soul in a Bowl: looking for a great home made potato rosti? This is the place. Then add eggs, herbs, tomatoes and I order toast too, plus their awesome coffee – it has the makings of a fabulous day! Soul in a Bowl.

bf sanur 11

Komune: ok so technically not in Sanur, it is only about 30 minutes away and totally worth the drive out there. I had the smashed peas – fresh, huge, bright green peas, asparagus, crunchy toast, eggs, with bacon (or without) – so good I was lost for words (a rare occurrence) and am planning on making it a regular treat. Oh and the view while you enjoy breakfast….stunning! (see our cover photo).

bf sanur 12

Hai Bar & Grill: again technically not in Sanur, only 30 minutes away by boat so catch an early boat, enjoy breakfast and a day on Nusa Lembongan. Or stay on the island and enjoy breakfast there every day. I had been an omelette devotee but then they put a breakfast burrito on the menu…I’m there so often (and possibly I’m also predictable) but the lovely staff there know I’ll order the burrito, mango juice and a flat white coffee. And by the way, the coffee was the reason I originally went to Hai Bar & Grill – it’s that good!

bf sanur 13

Now of course, I know there are other great spots for breakfast in Sanur, or just outside of Sanur, and in the interest of quality research and reporting, I really should go try them all – so feel free to comment on this blog or message me on Facebook or email me with all your fave brekkie places.

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