Denpasar City Government convert neglected waterways into tourist attractions

The Denpasar City Government are working to rehabilitate and revitalise the waterways of Sanur, cleaning up rivers and canals that were once polluted with rubbish, and turning them into leisure and recreation spots that will hopefully become a tourism drawcard.

Taking inspiration from the waterways of Singapore and Korea, the Tukad Loloan river system has been cleaned up, with dedicated task forces removing rubbish and working hard to improve the water quality.
The city council have installed a jogging track, bale bengong and fishing facilities to encourage people to use the area. There are also aqua duct bikes that can be ridden in the water, bringing a fun sporting activity into the city.

It is hoped that the community will support the initiative, and continue to look after the waterways, cleaning up pollution and rubbish, and helping the tilapia fish population to thrive again.

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