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It’s no secret that The Travellist team are animal lovers, between us there are currently 9 cats and 4 dogs, although that is a revolving number depending on who we find in the streets that needs a little TLC. Together with our friend Jo, we have been feeding as many dogs and cats as we can since the pandemic started. Having said that, we have been feeding street animals since before the pandemic, but it became a bigger problem when tourism came to a grinding halt. Some expats left Bali to head to their home countries; locals had to return to their villages for family support; restaurants that were feeding dogs, closed for business; and many are struggling to feed their families, let alone their animals, so gates are left open in the hope that dogs and cats will find food elsewhere.

All of this meant that regular dog and cat feeders suddenly had more to look after and animal welfare groups were inundated with animals needing care and shelter. In an ideal world, every animal has a comfy bed and regular meals, but as that cannot always happen, we need to try to make their lives on the streets a little more bearable. And think about it, if a dog gets fed, is vaccinated and sterilized, plays with other dogs all day long, and chills on Bali’s best beaches, it is not a bad life really is it?

When lockdown started, a group chat was created comprising animal welfare groups and street/beach dog feeders. We have been keeping tabs on the dogs, updating each other on who is going where, who is having puppies (!!) and who needs a little extra medical care or food. And as I cannot speak on behalf of the other feeders, it has certainly given me a purpose during this weird time. Knowing their furry, sweet little faces are waiting with tails wagging as you come around the corner with buckets of food, makes it all worthwhile.

However, the unexpected joy has been meeting other animal lovers. One such person is Eny, a woman I met a few years ago when my area was having an issue with a foreigner and local person poisoning dogs. Sadly, 5 dogs died but we managed to save 4 at the vets and relocate others which is when Eny stepped in to help care for them all.

Since then I have bumped into Eny in the street on her motorbike with huge buckets of food for the dogs and we have started sharing stories. Eny had been extremely sick a few years ago but found her health and happiness again when showing great compassion and care for animals and so that has become her life’s mission.

When I went to see Eny, she was busy moving house and what was incredible was that while her possessions were still in boxes, she had all the cats and dogs set up, playgrounds being built, and pots of food cooking on the stove. Eny currently cares for 12 cats and 19 elderly dogs or puppies at her home, all of them are rescues needing extra TLC due to old age, neglect, or sickness.

She also has a husky who was in a shocking state when rescued, now in boarding and being treated with chemo, not to mention other rescues who are staying at the vets as they need more intensive treatment.

And she feeds 65 dogs every single day around Sanur. I’ve watched her, she comes around the corner on her motorbike and somehow the dogs know, and they come running out of wherever they are hiding, waiting for the biscuits, rice and chicken she feeds them.

Eny is a true animal angel and she manages this by making clothes for the markets or donations. As you can imagine, with no tourists her clothing income is not covering enough, and her costs are mounting. What she needs most is assistance with food and medical treatment for all the furry friends she loves and cares for. If you can help Eny, please message so we can put you in touch with Eny. She provides photos and receipts for everything she does and keeps a book of every item purchased.

While the pandemic will end and tourists will return to Bali, Eny will never stop taking care of the creatures that magically find her in their hour of need and it is such an honour to have been able to tell a little of her story. The world needs more people like Eny, the animal angel.

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