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18 months into a global pandemic that has ravaged the planet, there is hope on the horizon. Vaccines will protect people from sickness, allow borders to open, and economies and communities to rebuild. Nobody has worked harder than the Bali government to vaccinate its people and the most vulnerable populations.

And yet still, there are many who need help to hang on.

In Bali, desperate families, children, pregnant women and the elderly are living in lean-to, tin sheds, with nothing but the basics. There’s never enough to eat, no vital services or comforts, or access to medicine or health care.

Before the pandemic these people from all over Indonesia serviced the tourism industry, working as drivers, hotel staff, or growing food crops to supply hotels and restaurants. When COVID-19 hit and the world closed its doors, their jobs disappeared over-night and they were left without any means to travel ‘home’.

Now, without work or any way to make an income, they spend their days looking for ‘daily work’ or trying to fish or grow enough vegetables to feed their families.

It’s basic survival, and utterly soul destroying for the families suffering through it.

There are people trying to help, and you can too. Healing Hands Across the Sands provided the locations of these shanty towns to a group of local expats who deliver food packages to these communities each week. Alternating between fresh fruit, vegetables and eggs, and non-perishable items like rice, oil, noodles and soap, these care packages are a lifeline for so many families, and gratefully received.

The whole village greets the delivery car, and the matriarch of the group gets to work on fairly dividing up the goods. In other villages, the banjar help out with food distribution, making sure those who are most in need are looked after.

It’s less than ideal, but it’s keeping people alive until the world opens up again. These are beautiful people, who deserve our help. Please get in touch to learn how you can help these dedicated people continue their life-saving work, looking after the most vulnerable communities in Bali.

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