Koa Shala Spa Massage Bali

Massage 90 minute treatment

(RP 340,000)

The Herbalist

Steamed herbal poultices are pressed into muscles combined with a deeply nurturing massage using traditional Jamu herb infused oil made exclusively for Koa. Enjoy a chamomile tea eye mask to finish your refreshing therapeutic treatment.

Balinese Hands

A beautiful massage combining kneading and rhythmic strokes of balinese hands and our dreamy ylangylang, coconut and vanilla oil blend will have you floating in tropical island bliss. We will treat your hands and feet to a coconut vanilla mask.

Mother Earth

Your body is caressed with the flowing strokes of warm basalt stones combined with soothing massage using our unique oil blend of Agarwood, Patchouli and Musk. Fall into a deep state of relaxation with a chai infused eye mask. Connect with earth energy in this deeply calming and grounding treatment.

Chakra Dhara

This Treatment is based on ancient Indian holistic healing traditions. We start by awakening the skin by dry brushing the body. This improves circulation and removes impurities. Followed by an invigorating Ayurvedic style massage using a deeply nourishing warmed oil blend of Neroli, Rose, white musk with a hint of cinnamon. Let your body be purified, balanced and awakened.

Aura Harmony

This signature massage is a fusion of aura cleansing spray, chakra crystal layout, vibrational dream ball therapy. Experience our unique face up full body massage. Fall into a very deep state of relaxation drifting on the scents of lavender & bergamot working on both the physical and auric body you will feel an amazing lightness of being.

Nuad Boran

Originating from Buddhist monks this dry style massage combines stretching, gentle twisting and acupressure. No oil is applied and kimono is supplied. Finish off with a dry head and face massage while enjoying a lemongrass infused hot towel foot wrap.

Chi Reviver

This massage is a powerful energy reviver. Firm massage, kneading and pressure point techniques get deep into the muscles, relieving tension and improving the chi energy meridians. Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Lavender oils assist in the healing and rebalancing of the life force. Finished off with a hot towel neck roll.


Start with a refreshing lavender foot soak, lemon pandan foot scrub and peppermint green tea foot mask. Then relax in the chair and enjoy an intensive foot and lower leg massage using acupressure on precise points on the feet to open meridians and enhance the bodies natural healing abilities. To bring balance to the treatment we finish with a dry neck, shoulder and head massage.

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