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Fundraising events rely on the generosity of others - in attendance and also in donated items. We will be holding an enormous raffle and a silent auction, with prizes from all over Indonesia. We appreciate any donation, big or small, because as with all fundraising, every cent or rupiah counts. If you can donate an item or a voucher for the raffle or silent auction, not only will you get lots of love and thanks from us 😉, you will also get thank you shout outs across all social media from The Spirit of Sanur and The Travellist, plus the charities and Segara will also be sharing. And your business logo will be featured on the presentation that will be on the big screen all night long! If you can help in any way with a donation, please email [email protected]

Fundraising events play several roles within our community: they bring us together to celebrate our village and its people; and they raise much needed funding for hard-working charities. But the costs of the event still exist and to ensure the majority of funds raised goes to the charities, we need help with some of the costs. These costs are things like: a genset; additional lighting; a stage; entertainment; marketing material like banners and ticketing; and more. If you can help sponsor this fundraiser, that's one less cost that comes out of funds raised and more money that goes to our amazing community charities. We have sponsorship tiers set out below but if your sponsorship is of a different nature (e.g. you happen to have a stage we can borrow), that is also more than appreciated. Please contact [email protected] for more information or to offer your help.

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About Project Karma

Project Karma is an Austalian Registered Charity with the Australian Charities and Non for Profit Commission (ACNC) and is registered with the Australian Government’s Harm Prevention Register and endorsed by the ATO with deductible gift recipients (DGR) STATUS. Project Karma is also registered as an official charitable foundation in Indonesia- Yayasan Project Karma Indonesia. Project Karma focuses of all forms of child sexual exploitation and trafficking of children and has worked with or consulted to many large non government organisations such as UNICEF and ECPAT International. Project Karma has worked closely on investigations with and trained many local and international law enforcement agencies including INTERPOL. Australian Federal Police, Royal Thai Police, Philli[phine National Police, Cambodian National Police, Indonesian National Police, Polda and many others. Project Karma has consulted to, worked with or advocated to many Governments and their specific ministries around the world to give education and awareness on Paedophilic Disorder, sharing of intelligence, creating better policies, procedures and legislation to better manage child sex offenders in society and provide better practices of protecting from harm.

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About Program Dharma

Program Dharma is a program based on One Welfare. We contributes to providing information and education on efforts to oppose, control rabies and public awareness of animals. Together with village cadres in each banjar, Program Dharma conducts education and organizes dogs in the village. We also facilitates management improvement and support program.

About TPS3R Sanur

TPS3R Sekar Tanjung, Sanur Kauh is a community-based waste management facility which is run and managed by the community. The 3R stand for Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and TPS 3R Sekar Tanjung is doing all we can do to implement the 3R thus creating optimal deversion from the landfill. At TPS ER Sekar Tanjung, waste that collected from household in Sanur Kauh are processed further. The recyclables materials are prepared for recycling process and the organic waste is composted, thus only residue got sent to the landfill, TPA Suwung. In Sanur Kauh, starting from TPS3R Sekar Tanjung and its customers, households are educated to separate their waste into 3 different categories to ensure that minimal volume of waste is sent to the landfill.

About Segara Seaside

My name is Budi, I am the Manager of Segara The Seaside Bar and Restaurant. Segara The Seaside Bar and Restaurant is a business owned by the people of Sanur, under the auspices of Yayasan Pembangunan Sanur. Some of the things we have done are:

  • Live broadcasts of radio shows at our place by bringing in some Nara source as a speaker and we also hold a Beach Clean Up at every week.
  • Share tumblers with school children and Sanur beach visitors.
  • We also make bins for fish to use plastic trash in the beach area.
  • Issued we also try to utilize some of its waste we reuse like; Salt and Pepper Shaker made from the head of the bottle, Sauce Bowl which is made from the bottom of the bottle, Glass of glass made from unused bottles, Timber wood We use wood that is not used for decoration, Lights made from beer bottles etc,
Hopefully the little things we do in our place can inspire people around us.
Greetings Segara The Seaside,
Nengah Budi Hartawa

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