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After a couple of extremely difficult years, tourism and hospitality in Bali are now gradually reopening, providing tourists the opportunity to enjoy everything they have missed during the pandemic. Many in the sector have gone through a massive disruption causing loss in revenue and employees. A challenging situation to all business models and even to the existence of businesses. However, with exceptional hard work, innovation, good strategies, and utilizing connection to customers and community, plus a sprinkle of good luck – many stayed in the business or even started up a new business during the pandemic. One of those incredible entrepreneurs is Stijn van Leeuwen.

Stijn runs, together with his partner Jan Seelen, PT SMG (Sensorial Management Group), a leisure and hospitality company that includes managing niche tourism business such as restaurants, bars, luxury hotel and villa management and high volume catering services. In his commitment to deliver the most incredible journey and experience, during and right after the pandemic Stijn and Jan have started up The Sandwich Bar (Sanur, Ubud and Bali Zoo), IZZY Izakaya Street (Sanur), CORK Bisto & Wine Bar (Sanur) and various hotel and villa management contracts through out West Bali, with a few more concepts in the pipeline.

Community and sustainability are two main pillars of PT SMG business. In terms of community participation, Stijn gives up his time to talk to students in hospitality at Udayana University. He believes in good conduct in giving back to the community where he lives. While on the matter of sustainability, his business works with no single use plastics, has implemented energy saving practices, and sources sustainable and organic food and beverage products where possible. Produce is sourced daily fresh as much as possible. For Stijn, it is important to minimize impact on the environment and the use of natural resources while simultaneously meeting the needs of guests and customers.

Stijn chose Sanur to be his homebase to start his family as well as his business. Sanur has everything in wants, from great options in food, accommodation, close to all destinations (like the airport, Lembongan, Ubud) and yet Sanur maintains a tranquil and relaxed atmosphere. Sanur has good international schools, great fishing and beautiful beaches, and is magical with its ceremonies and other Balinese cultural activities that continue to captivate him. Married to a Balinese beauty, Citra, Stijn participates in modern and traditional elements of the daily cultural life. Their son, Tygo Agung, keeps them busy and motivated and enjoys their travel and adventures as much as they do.

During the most difficult years of pandemic, Stijn started up a new concept in Japanese dining in Bali called Izzy Izakaya Street which is located on the bypass, Sanur. This Japanese restaurant inspired by the vibrant Kyoto nightlife where you can try delicacies from six different stalls (or izakaya in Japanese) and find your favourite taste and style. With a beautiful, big garden, live music, and enticing menus for all the family, such as yakitori, teppanyaki, warayaki, and sushi, Izzy Izakaya Street is the perfect venue for heading out with family and friends.

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