Jukung Ride

One of the popular experiences in Sanur is taking a traditional boat ride. The traditional boats in Sanur are called jukung, which are small wooden outriggers typically used by local fishermen. These boats have a distinctive design with a single sail and are handcrafted using traditional techniques passed down through generations.

Take a jukung ride in Sanur and have a memorable experience as you get to explore the beautiful coastline and witness the traditional way of life. You will have a local fisherman as your guide to take you on a leisurely cruise along the calm waters of Sanur Beach.

Whether you choose to simply relax on the boat for sunrise tour, sunset tour, or engage in water activities such as fishing, snorkelling, or diving – it offers a unique perspective of the Balinese coastal life and the rich maritime traditions of the island.

During the boat ride, you can enjoy the scenic views of the shoreline, with the clear turquoise waters contrasting against the sandy beaches. You may also get a chance to see local fishermen going about their daily activities, such as casting their nets or catching fish. As you sail farther from the shore, you can also admire the breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean and the neighboring islands.


1-hour Fun Ride
PaxRate in IDR
1-2 pax550,000
3 pax650,000
4 pax750,000
5 pax850,000
6 pax950,000
7 pax1,050,000
8 pax1,150,000
3-hour Fishing
PaxRate in IDR
1-2 pax1,800,000
Inclusive fishing gear and drinking water
LocationRate in IDR – per Pax
Hyatt Reff250,000
Serangan 350,000

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