people of sanur

Music As Medicine

All this taken into consideration, it is feasible to surmise that if our bodies cells are not vibrating at a favourable or “healthy” frequency, the we might not be in optimal health.

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Subeng Klasik

Nyemas Indah Nabilla is the founder of Subeng Klasik, a Sanur-based jeweller garnering international attention for its reinvention of traditional Balinese styles and artworks into striking modern designs.

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I Made Kara

From the moment I met I Made Kara, he drew me into a deep story with details of characters and figures in myth and legend.

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Naluri Manca

In a word – spectacular! That’s the only way to describe the performance by Naluri Manca in Indonesia’s Got Talent in August-September 2022.

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Nea’s Collection

Creating beautiful aprons was just the beginning for this beautiful collection and artisan. Nea started designing her own batik pattern inspired by her surroundings in nature and love of life in Bali.

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Stijn van Leeuwen

After a couple of extremely difficult years, tourism and hospitality in Bali are now gradually reopening, providing tourists the opportunity to enjoy everything they have missed during the pandemic.

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