Gus Mollo and Ida Budiman

Reggae music is ranked in the top 10 most listened to music genres, out of more than 500 music genres of the world, according to the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry’s (IFPI) Engaging with Music 2022 study.

The combination of their soulful singing and sweet harmony brings a special energy to the music; Gus Mollo and Ida Budiman won’t fail to bring a smile to your face and light a fire under your feet. Gus Mollo is a reggae singer and owner of a café in the heart of Sanur called Warung Nyonyo. It is a unique bar with reggae themed décor, essential reggae instruments (drum, guitar, keyboard), and plenty of seats. The moment we step inside, we get into the reggae mood with relaxing music rhythms, and a chilled atmosphere.

Gus Mollo has just launched his new single titled Hidup Lacur, or leading a simple life without having much. He is so good in expressing thoughts and feelings about life in a fun and enjoyable way. As we all know, reggae music is soulful entertainment, putting everyday life into simple lyrics and yet powerful and fun to listen to.

Another reggae singer, Ida Budiman, often performs at Warung Nyonyo. For Ida, reggae is a way of life in the sense that he loves doing it because it makes his life happy and he is making a living from what he loves doing, which is just a blessing.

When being asked who his music idol is or who he would like to perform with, his answer, not surprisingly is Bob Marley, which of course sadly isn’t possible. Ida has performed all over Bali, and his favourite gig was when he played at Sanur Village Festival, or the World scooter event.

His dream life in Bali is to have a little business on the beach and play reggae music with the boys. That just sounds like living in paradise – chilling on the beach, drinking cold beer and cocktails with friends and music.

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