Turtle Conservation – Deck Sotto, Semawang Beach

Sanur has been actively involved in turtle conservation effort for many years. Turtle conservation programs aim to protect sea turtles and their nesting habitats, raise awareness about the importance of marine conservation, and engage the local community and visitors in safeguarding these endangered species.

Several local organizations and non-profits as well as activists and enthusiasts in Sanur are dedicated to turtle conservation. They collaborate with local communities, government agencies, and environmental groups to implement conservation initiatives. One of them is our favourite local activist, Deck Sotto, who is running a turtle nursery at Semawang beach.

Under the bamboo building with thatched roof that is sponsored by Stuja di Pantai, there are two big ponds size (4 x 1.5) meters each, filled with baby turtles. In between those two ponds there is a space for a water filter that constantly runs to maintain a healthy and suitable environment for the turtles. At the end of the space, turtle hatcheries are set up to provide a controlled environment for the eggs to hatch, and the hatchlings are then transferred into the pond until ready to be released into the sea. Feeding young turtles in the nursery requires careful consideration of their nutritional needs. Stocks of fresh seaweed, jelly fish, and minced fish meat are provided on daily basis. Please consider donating money when you pass by the nursery to help keep the project operational.

Educational programs are conducted to raise awareness about the importance of sea turtle conservation. Schools, children with special needs, community groups, and tourists often participate in these programs, which cover topics such as the life cycle of sea turtles, threats they face, and the role of conservation efforts. Release events are organized to allow the community and visitors to actively participate in conservation efforts. During these events, participants are given the opportunity to release turtle hatchlings into the ocean, providing a hands-on experience and fostering a sense of connection to marine conservation.

Beach clean ups are commonly organized as part of broader conservation initiatives. Keeping the beaches clean is crucial for creating suitable nesting environments for sea turtles and preventing pollution that can harm marine life.

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