Naluri Manca

In a word – spectacular! That’s the only way to describe the performance by Naluri Manca in Indonesia’s Got Talent in August-September 2022. These creative and brave young people have taken Balinese dance to another level.

Clad in colourful bright costumes, representing stories about Banaspatiraja and Kalikamaya in a stunning and energetic way, these are traditional Balinese dances in modern acrobatic ways.

Naluri Manca is a dance troupe formed by five dancers who work together as choreographers and performers. They create dramatic improvisations and innovative movement ideas which adds character to traditional dance – definitely a work of art!

This dance troupe was founded at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic with the mission of preserving Balinese culture. The founders think young people now are less interested in doing traditional arts. They are spending more time as online gamers, making content for TikTok or YouTube, often that have nothing to do with preserving cultures. It takes a lot of effort and time, but their commitment to dance will contribute to the continuous development of cultural interests, the improvement of the lives of young people and the improvement of the life in the community.

Dancing is so much more than just body movement in time with music on the dance floor. There are many benefits associated with dancing, besides training one’s brain, it is also an excellent exercise for the entire body. Dance as a form of art teaches universal values such as cooperation, discipline, and responsibility. It promotes good character and harmony in the life of society. Dancing is a very poetic, subtle and beautiful way to touch the hearts of those who watch it. And above all, dance for Naluri Manca is an art that is dedicated to the Creator, as the highest honour to God.

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