Beach Cleaning Robot
The New Member of Hyatt Regency Sanur

Keeping Bali’s beaches clean is everyone’s responsibility, such a critical task to preserve the natural beauty of the island and maintain its reputation as a tourist mecca. Many cleaning efforts have been done by local businesses and authorities by installing strategically placed trash bins and recycling bins around the beaches. Volunteer work by local initiatives such as “Malu Dong Community” who regularly hand-pick trash at the beach are also important and well received. Beaches need constant cleaning, and raking the beach under the heat of the Bali sun is not a fun job to do.

Recently, Hyatt Regency Sanur invested in equipment called Be Bot. It is a beach cleaning robot that can sift through the sand on the beach to the depth of four inches – and remove waste without harming the environment. It targets solid waste like plastic bottles, cigarette butts, packaging, bottle caps, cardboard, cotton buds, and more.

Be Bot robot is eco-friendly, running solely on battery and solar power with no harmful emissions. This quiet and gentle working robot can operate at any time while guests are relaxing and it does not scare the beautiful Bali beach dogs who call the beach their home.

It is remote controlled and can be operated from up to 300 meters away. The robot can recover trash as small as 1 cm and can clean an area of 3000 square meters in an hour. Its wheels and tracks allow it to navigate sandy terrain effectively.

Be Bot is a valuable tool for coastal communities and organizations looking to maintain the cleanliness and attractiveness of their beaches which in the end will attract more tourists and businesses to come. This will have a good impact to the overall prosperity of the island.

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