Pantai Karang Beach Sanur

A Place for Spiritual and Community Connection

Entering the beach, from the main street, we will see the most beautiful Bali doors along the way. They are double doors that are used as main entrances and certainly part of the architectural elements of the high-end villas and luxury homes on Jl. Pantai Karang, Sanur. The distinctive beauty and elegance of these Bali doors show the richness of the culture as well as the incredible craftmanship and arts.

Before entering the beach, there is a large carpark and an enormous yard with a temple in the corner. It is not obvious that the yard is actually used for ngaben or cremations. Traffic stops completely whenever ngaben processions take place, to give way to the long line of people marching stoically to the beach, holding photographs of their departed family, offerings, baskets of food, flowers, and accompanied by gamelan orchestra.

The beach is known for its beautiful sunrise views and the area usually starts to get crowded from 5.30 am. Hundreds of tourists casually await the beauty of the sun emerging above the horizon. And, due to its calm waters, the beach is a popular spot for swimming and canoeing. There are inexpensive canoe rentals operation that do not have a time limit on their canoe usage.

You can also join the free yoga class every day at 7.30 am and 4.30 pm- Yes, it is free of charge and dedicated to the good community by Joni Agung and his wife. Participants are a mixed group of local people, yoga enthusiasts and international tourists.

Many do not know that there is a submerged temple at Pantai Karang beach. It is called Pura Dalem Tengah Segara which appears every fourth full moon on the Balinese Calendar, only for a few hours when most people are not around – between 2am and 5am. During that late night/early morning timing, there will be a ceremony performed at this mysterious temple as a form of expression of gratitude to Dewa Baruna as a manifestation of Ida Sang Hyang Widi, the ruler of the oceans.

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